September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita Real-Time

Found a really cool Hurricane Tracking KMZ file for Google Earth. Gives windspeed, projected course, and spectral satellite imagery for hurricanes found worldwide.
In conjucntion with the awesome real-time weather tools (scroll to the bottom to find the radar and satellite mosaics for the US) found over at I really feel like a weatherman with these amazing tools at my disposal.

Here is an image of Hurricane Rita at 5:00 pm on Friday September 23rd:

Google Earth BBS Post: "Hurricanes live positions (v 1.0) worldwide data"
And of course the direct link to theKMZ Download
If you still haven't seen Google Earth then download it now

September 13, 2005

Back Online!

The gadget boy moved to a new location recently and is now plugged back in. Sorry we've been out of touch for a while but everything should be back in business!!

Next Gen Logitech® Webcam

The Logitech® QuickCam Fusion raises the bar for webcams everywhere. It boasts 1.3 megapixels, a built in microphone that cancels echoes enabling headset-free video conferencing, and face tracking technology that allows you to control a 3d avatar with your facial expressions. $99 US, available now.

The alien's face is being controlled by the man at left.

While Webcams can be found for much cheaper (even from logitech) this camera may spark a new age in chat-rooms and videoconferencing, one in which you can become other people or things in a new way. Gives a new sense to the meaning of Avatar.

Quickcam Fusion Site Available now for $99 US plus shipping.