June 24, 2005

Lost in Translation: Star Wars III

"kristin, a/k/a gimpy" blogged this sighting on a message board (which seems to no longer be available) of some screen shots from a bootleg version of "Star Wars: Revenge of the sith". The copy of the movie has been translated into chinese and then back to english, the results are hilarious!

My favorite:

Caffeinated Lip Balm

Spazzstick is lip balm with loads of caffeine and wicked lip-protection. Invented by an Alaskan policeman, and manufactured by hordes of worker trolls (not gnomes, of course) in an underground volcanic cave--- what you don't believe me? Check their website.

Available in "Vanilla Toffee" and "Mint" flavors its only $2.99 a tube. Not Bad.

iMuffs pre-orders being accepted

On may 26th, I mentioned that this new gadget would be available soon and now they are, for $179.99 and free shipping that is if you can wait till approximately "late August" for delivery.

"Due to overwhelming demand, we've decided to take pre-orders for the iMuffs"

"For US orders, go to: www.wi-gear.com/order. Non-US residents will have to wait a few more days before we get our international shipping settled."

Logitech has a similar device offering only the wireless-headphone capability with no bluetooth-phone-headset functionality for $150. Although the iPodlounge rated it B- saying "Headphones aren’t comfortable and can’t be resized"

June 15, 2005

Robots that do housework

First it was the Roomba (from IRobot) that would vacuum your house for you, and recently they've released the Scooba, the hard-floor-scrubbing bot.

Finally, from a new company called RobotsAndRelax, the Evolution, your new robotic lawnmower!

This bad boy is pretty expensive though at $2299.99

Features include:
Mulching Action
Self Charging
Capable of traversing 27° Hills
Fully autonomous operation, no human intervention required.
Can automatically mow three separate areas.
Rain sensor, returns mower to charging station in the event of rain or sprinkler operation.
IR Remote Control.
Winter Charging Kit.

Free Headsets (plus $3.94 shipping)

No kidding, www.freeheadset.org is giving away headsets for YOUR cell phone to help promote safe driving through hands-free systems.

June 10, 2005

Replcating robot, replicates "anything"

Including more robots like itself, circuit boards, many things "ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters". And if larger objects were desired they could be assembled from smaller pieces.

Imagine if you had one computer with the design for some great new product, one of these robots, and a bunch of material. Tell one of these robots to endlessly build copies of itself, while all the newly created ones start working on your product!

The cost of one of these guys right now is $45,000 so thats gonna come way down before it can help the "poorest communities by alleviating the need for the sort of large-scale industrial infrastructure" as said in the story on CNN.com

June 03, 2005

Quake 4 -trailers

One of the very first 3d first-person-shooter games is approching the release of its 4th game. There are 3 Trailers and an interview. Even if you don't like games, you might still like to see these really cool trailers!

June 01, 2005

Keyhole soon to become "Google Earth"

Stephen DesRoches
has a great post about this on newrecruit.org, apparently he was invited to beta-test the program and they never mentioned anything about confidentiality so he has lots of info and screen shots. Some major changes are to the interface, adding "Driving Directions", detailed public transit layers, and 3d buildings in select cities. I can't wait!

GPS, Mobile Phones, and Google Maps

Oh my god this is rediculous! Okay so take your Nokia phone, pair it with your bluetooth GPS receiver, and throw in a little google maps, and you have my latest blog entry! The implementation isn't perfect (yet) and cell phone screens are, let's say, less than map-friendly. Still the possibilities I can see stemming from this experimental fusion of 4 or so technologies (Cell, bluetooth, gps, Google maps) is staggering. I just can't beleive this stuff is starting to become possible: devices are becoming so compatible and capable. Like I always say "Dick Tracy shit I'm telling yah"

GPS fun on Mobile Phones: Mobile Google Maps with GPS

Google Talk

Featured Google Hack--Google Talk
Type a few words and google will finish your sentence! Basically it searches for the sentence you type and returns the most common successive word, then removes the first word from the search string and repeats the process.

Google talk a Google Hack by Douwe Osinga