April 29, 2005

About the Author

Ben Prentice is a student (yes i'm the one writing this, let me have my 3rd person fun) at Mass Bay Community College in Framingham, MA. Currently He's trying to figure out what direction he wants to go in life, a teacher, computer science major, or master of the languages, or some strange combination.

An avid techy and gadgeteer, Ben is always trying to stay on top of the coolest new technologies, and toys that are or will be available. At any time you'll find ben with his pda(with still and video recording wifi, and mp3s..) cell phone (LGvx4500) and watch all synchronized to atomic time.

Also a huge music lover, he's always trying to expand his musical horizons, with new music to listen to, and other realms of being a muscician to explore. Currently teaching himself how to sing, he hopes to get back to guitar soon.


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