April 29, 2005

Google MAPS +Satellite Photography!

Okay, let me bring you up to speed: First there was Keyhole a very cool 3d environment which you can zoom in and out in realtime and view sattelite photography mapped onto a 3d globe. This program is so cool! Then there was java-based google maps (still in beta, but highly usable), a free service that blew Mapquest OUT OF THE WATER. Now that Google has aquired keyhole, theyre offering sattelite-photography right along-side their mapping service. The only thing that I've noticed so far is that the two don't really line up too well (if you know Boston you can tell in this image)

(Image Photoshoped to include both map/sattelite at the same time)

Google Maps- (click on the "Satellite" button in the upper right)


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