July 29, 2005

Track your kids 2

Forget buying the device that I mentioned here in order to spy on your kids location, now if you live in the UK, KidsOK.net will allow you to "Ping" you childs phone and recieve an image back on your phone with a map of their location! Wow guys, too bad parents can't build up, oh maybe trust, instead of cellular and gps networks in order to know where they're kids are. I love the little advisory at the bottom of their page (of course in miniature print) :

" KidsOK is intended to complement, not be a substitute for, normal parental supervision."


At 7/30/2005 1:26 PM, Anonymous Rose said...

Children can't be trusted!!!! Check out THIS website for weary parents who lack the ability to trust and communicate with their children about their concerns:

At 8/15/2005 3:40 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Yes, buy a PDT-90 Drug Test and the mere fact that it's in the home can be a deterrent to drug use. It often gives your teenager the excuse he/she wants to avoid the peer pressure of using drugs.

"I can't try it, my parents have this tough drug test at home!"


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