May 19, 2005

The details on the 3 new consoles are emerging. Just in time for the final Star Wars episode starting in theaters tomorrow the 18th.
Information is surfacing on all 3 consoles and I've compiled as much as possible for yall.

Xbox 360 - Xenon

System -
Three 3.2ghz processors c-odesigned by Microsoft and IBM
Custom graphics chip from ATI with 512mb memory and claiming 500 million triangles per second
Overall 1 teraflop (1 trillion floating point operations per second)
Removeable 20gb Hard Drive

Communication - Built-in Ethernet and Wireless network capability
Ability to stream videos/music/TV/movies from Media Center PCs
Wireless controller support (rumored 1 included)
3 USB ports (supporting existing Microsoft game controllers for PCs, cameras, streaming media from portable devices...)


I heard from several sources that Microsoft will be giving away X-Box Live for free with their new console

Release Time - Thanksgiving 2005

Playstation 3

(more images at


CPU Cell Processor running at 3.2Ghz with 7 special purpose 3.2Ghz processors, capable of 218 gigaflops of performance
Backward compatible
GPU RSX at 550MHz 1.8 teraflop floating point performance
256Mb XDR main RAM at 3.2 GHz
256Mb of GDDR VRAM at 700Mhz
Memory Stick Duo, SD, compact flash memory slots
Detachable 2.5 inch hard drive
Support for seven Bluetooth(wireless) controllers
Six USB slots for peripherals
System Floating Point Performance of 2 teraflops
Communication Ethernet, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth
Output in HDTV resolution up to 1080p as standard
-BBC News
Cnet also has a slightly more detailed list

Sony's Cell processor is a new type, it seems to harness the idea of multiple processors working together to create a LARGE amount of computing power.
A word on IBM and Sony's new CELL Processor straight from IBM, that is, if you can understand it. Here is the version we can understand.

Release Time - Spring 2006

Nintendo - Revolution

Nintendo hasn't released too much information yet, but when it does I'll update it here. So far this is what we do know:

Graphics - IBM and ATI are in as "development partners" so Revolution is probably gonna be a speedy little powerhouse just like its rivals.

"wireless internet ready out of the box", backwards compatibility with gamecube 8cm discs (new discs will be 12 cm)
two USB 2.0 ports
slots for DS memory cards
Nintendo has prototype colors are being showcased during E3

"The secret weapon: The console also will have downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). "
What I'm wondering here is will this be free!? THAT would be one real secret weapon alright.

Release Time - "Sometime in 2006"

Initial Thoughts
Well this is an interesting race here.IBM appears to be the technological slut in this race, working on all 3 consoles, and ATI so far has the graphics chips for 2 outta 3. The claims made about Sony's processor are boasting unreal performance. Of course we haven't seen a Cell processor perform yet, so its hard to say how it will hold up against 3 proven 3.2ghz PowerPC-based CPUs in the Xenon, but there is a lot of Cell Hype. So Playstation has the most (theoretical) computing power, X-Box live for free is Microsoft's gimmick, and although Nintendo hasn't announced their detailed hardware specs yet, even if their '20 years of fan favorite' downloadable games really aren't free, I see alot of people interested in that. Even I'm a lover of the classics, and I would pay a few $ a game to play all the oldies-but-goodies.

More info on these when it's available.

What console are you rooting for at this point?


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