July 26, 2005


Hi folks, I'm Ben's brother Drew. I told Ben I would post something on his blog a few months ago, and I'm just now getting around to it. Ben, I better get some glowsticks for this! (Heh, just kidding.) I'm a big fan of homebrew technology, and while looking for something to post about, I saw this really cool thing. Enjoy...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A cantenna is a directional waveguide antenna for long-range WiFi (cf. Hi-fi) used to increase the range of (or snoop on) a wireless network. Originally built using a Pringles® Potato Chip can, a cantenna can be constructed quickly, easily, and inexpensively using readily obtained materials:

  • Four small nuts/bolts;
  • A short length of medium-gauge wire;
  • A tin can roughly 8 cm (3.66 inches) in diameter (the longer the better); and
  • An N-Female chassis mount connector, available at any electronic supply store.

An optimal design will use a tin can longer than a Pringles can. Instructions for constructing and connecting a cantenna can be found at Turnpoint.net.

While cantennas are useful for extending a local area network (LAN), the tiny design makes them ideal for mobile applications such as wardriving. The design of the cantenna is so simple that it is often the first antenna WiFi experimenters learn to build. Even the Secret Service has taken an interest in the cantenna.

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